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In-company Business Courses

These courses, held in your offices, can be organised on a group or individual basis. Lessons can be taken during the day or after office hours and timetables are flexible to accommodate your schedule.
Sessions are normally of two hours or one and a half hours, taken once or twice a week.


Many people who have a good knowledge of another language nevertheless feel at a disadvantage in certain business situations because of a lack of specific vocabulary and appropriate expressions. These lessons are designed to remedy this problem by enabling the participant to communicate effectively and correctly in another language in any given business context.

English for Business

We offer specialized courses for those who already have an intermediate or good knowledge of English, but who need to improve their skills in specific areas of the language.

We offer courses in writing skills focusing on the following elements:

Training and practice in writing reports that are well structured, concise and clear.

Creating effective, informative press releases.

Using appropriate language for business correspondence; formal and informal letters, e-mails.

Oral skills focus on the following:

Language for meetings and negotiations

These courses provide the language skills necessary for effective participation in discussions and negotiations: disagreeing; interrupting; recommending; suggesting. After language training, simulated negotiation sessions and role-play allow the participants to further practise their skills. These elements can be incorporated into general language lessons or taken as a separate course.

Presentations skills and public speaking

This programme not only provides training in the language skills and techniques of successful public speaking, but also allows the participants to see their progress in individual on-camera practice sessions. The presentations are replayed as videos, with the trainer giving advice and feedback.

This module is available as an individual or group course and can be taken in sessions of two hours or longer.

We offer this course in the form of one day workshops, in your offices or at the language school; but it is also possible to develop any of these elements over a longer period as standard in-company lessons.
We can also offer courses in legal English for documents and contracts.

Short intensive courses

Languages Unlimited can organise intensive courses of one, two or three week’s duration for employees who need to make rapid progress in a second language. This is particularly suitable for people who do not have the time available to follow a regular course and need to be able to demonstrate a communicative ability in a short time.

Intensive courses can be arranged at short notice and for any number of students.


We recognise that people in companies have commitments and deadlines which they must respect. Sometimes it is not possible to follow a tightly scheduled course of lessons.
For these reasons, Languages Unlimited places great emphasis on flexibility, both in scheduling lessons and in situations where lessons must be re-arranged at short notice. Our aim is always, to the best of our ability, to ensure that lessons fit into your timetable and not ours. Flexibility in schedules and course content are our utmost priority.

For additional information regarding the content of courses or fees, please contact the school.