Easter intensive courses



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Easter Intensive Courses

April 2014

General information about Easter courses

Our Easter courses are designed to give you the chance to develop your language skills in an intensive period. In our courses the main focus is on improving speaking skills and the grammar and vocabulary needed to achieve this.

Teachers use material which is directly and immediately relevant to your daily life. Teachers use articles from newspapers or books to act as a basis for discussing hobbies, likes and dislikes, politics, travel, daily activities and a variety of topics. Through exercises of vocabulary and grammar, we aim to help you express yourself.

Easter eggs

The Course

Lessons are generally held over four days. This course gives you the chance to quickly improve your skills. You will need to study a certain amount of grammar and vocabulary at home and this is recommended only for those students with more free time.

As all our groups are small, you have the chance to really participate in the class and the teacher is able to focus on all the students.

Easter courses are open for both adults and younger students. However, students under the age of 16 are not included in adult groups. We organise special courses for children and young teenagers.


2 participants = 300 per person for 12 hours.

3 participants = 200 per person for 12 hours.

4-8 participants = 150 per person for 12 hours.

Please contact the school for more information.