Progressive Group Courses

Our group progressive courses are designed to give you a head start in your language studies and will help you develop your oral skills at a rapid pace.

Whilst many teachers only focus on oral activities such as games, speaking exercises and vocabulary quizzes, we believe that a good solid foundation in the structures of the language is necessary in order to develop communication skills.
Our teachers involve you in communication exercises and activities which present you with real situations that you can then use in your everyday life.


All our teachers are qualified native language teachers and have either a university degree or a qualification in teaching to non-native speakers.
We use a range of communicative teaching methods, including course books, audio cassettes and video, to ensure the full development of your potential.

All our classes are conducted in a friendly and supportive atmosphere and class sizes are small in order to ensure the full participation of all the students.

Before each course, all the students are tested so that groups of the same level are formed.

Courses are held in the morning, the afternoon or the evening. Daytime lessons are usually held twice a week and evening courses once a week. You will complete 20 hours of lessons in each session. You are free to participate in more than just one session.

These courses are suitable for all levels and are particularly useful for expatriates who wish to learn how to cope with daily situations in another language.

Session Dates

September to December

January to March

April to June


2 participants 22.5 per hour per participant

3 participants 300 per participant for 20 hours

4 or more participants 260 per participant for 20 hours