Private lessons for all!


Private lessons

Languages Unlimited has almost 20 years’ experience in teaching one-to-one and group lessons and we have found that private tuition is the most efficient and flexible way to learn a second language. Contrary to popular belief, private lessons are neither the preserve of business clients nor are they necessarily an expensive alternative to the traditional classroom environment.

Personal Attention
In contrast to group courses where the teacher must give his or her attention to all the students equally, in a private lesson the teacher gives 100% attention to the learning needs and goals of the student and so ensures that aims and objectives are met. The student sets the pace of the lessons and works at whatever speed he or she feels comfortable with.

Customised lessons
Our teachers customise the entire lesson around the student’s individual needs and takes into account individual strengths and weaknesses in different areas. In this way the student progresses much more rapidly than in a group environment and reaches goals in a shorter time, which has an important cost and time benefit.

According to research between 24% and up to 84% of students participating in language courses drop out during the year. This has a dramatic effect on the dynamics of the group and negatively influences the progress of students. One of the most quoted reasons for dropping out is the problem of commitment. For various reasons, family or work, not everyone can commit to regular attendance at group classes. Once lessons are missed, the student finds it harder to keep up with the class and finds it more difficult to be motivated. Private lessons offer the student complete flexibility. Lessons can be scheduled according to your existing timetable and should you need to change or cancel lessons, this is easily done. Moreover, many private lessons are held in the office or home of the student offering comfort and security, as well as saving time lost in travelling to and from the school.

Increased confidence
Private lessons give students the additional confidence to ask questions when they do not fully understand a particular topic. In the more supportive environment of a one-to-one lesson, the confidence and motivation of the student increases and he or she is able to use the language skills explored with the teacher in situations outside the classroom.


Private and semi-private lessons can be arranged in any language. The content of the course will be determined according to the particular needs of the participants, with flexible timetables to accommodate busy schedules. Semi-private lessons are held at the school and private lessons can be taken at school, at home or in the office of the participant

Private and semi-private lessons also include the possibility of using the material in a practical way, such as going into the city with the teacher, using public transportation, visiting a museum and ordering in a restaurant.

Families with young children may also wish to have lessons at home in the formula of a two hour lesson: 1 hour for the children and 1 hour for the adults.

Examination preparation

Examination preparation courses are available for a range of second language examinations including Cambridge English, TOEIC, Michigan, IELTS and TOEFL. Preparations are also organised for French, German and Spanish examinations.

UCAS help For students wishing to enter university in the U.K, we can help you with the UCAS application process especially with preparing the Personal Statement section.

For information about languages available and fees, please contact the school