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Special Courses

Languages Unlimited has a range of special thematic courses which are designed to help students develop, extend and consolidate particular language skills.
All our courses are suitable for one-to-one tuition, but can be adapted for groups. Courses are given by teachers who are experienced in their particular field and there is full support throughout the course.
Lessons can be held at the school or elsewhere and lessons are scheduled to suit particpants' timetables. Furthermore, courses can be given over a long period or in a short-intensive format.

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Report Writing

Presentation skills

Examination preparation

Courses for translators and interpreters

Last Minute English

If you are going on holiday or on a business trip soon and you are not confident about speaking English, these once a week lessons are designed for you. We will help you to prepare to speak English in real situations such as booking and checking into hotels, ordering food in restaurants, shopping, arriving at airports and a host of other situations where you need to communicate in English.

Using role play, dialogues, audio and video material, we aim to show you what you need to say and what to expect from the people you communicate with. We focus on making sure that you are understood and get what you need. There is ample opportunity to correct mistakes you make and there will be dedicated time to answer your questions about how to say things in English.

With this course you can stop worrying about your English skills and concentrate on relaxing and enjoying your vacation.

Sessions are once a week during the summer intensive period. Each session lasts for 3 hours and you are free to join in as many sessions as you wish.

Each session = 35

Belgian University Support

There are a number of universities now in Belgium where elements of their courses are taught in English or where a good level of English is necessary to understand the course material.

There are also increasing numbers of foreign students coming to study at Belgian universities, such as the VUB and the ULB, where a good level of French or Dutch is needed.

Languages Unlimited can arrange courses to help students prepare for language tests upon entry to Belgian universities. We can also offer language support during the academic year for those students who feel they need to improve their French, Dutch or English skills in order to fully participate in their university programme.

For any additional information about these courses, contact the school