Summer intensive courses

For those who wish to get a head start in their language studies, we organise intensive courses during the Easter and summer holidays. These courses give general tuition in the language and are suitable for students who need to learn or develop language skills at a rapid pace.

Fresh air for learning

Our summer courses are designed to give you the chance to develop your language skills in an intensive period. In our courses the main focus is on improving speaking skills and the grammar and vocabulary needed to achieve this.
Teachers use material which is directly and immediately relevant to your daily life. Teachers use articles from newspapers or books to act as a basis for discussing hobbies, likes and dislikes, politics, travel, daily activities and a variety of topics. Through exercises of vocabulary and grammar, we aim to help you express yourself.

Our summer courses are very intensive courses, but they give you the chance to quickly improve your skills. You will need to study a certain amount of grammar and vocabulary at home and this is recommended only for those students with more free time.
A typical session of one week covers general themes and material including grammar and vocabulary. The course will focus on a combination of language in context themes and development of different skills each day. These typically include reading skills, writing skills, news topics, video lessons, global issues, and conversation round-tables.

The format of our summer course has been developed over many years by our team of experienced teachers. Our experience shows that the 3 hour daily session is the best suited to learners living, working or studying here in Brussels who are also actively following a language course.

All our groups are small which gives you the chance to really participate in the class and allows the teacher to focus on all the students.
Summer courses are open for both adults and younger students. However, students under the age of 16 are not included in adult groups. We organise special courses for children and young teenagers.

Complete Flexibility

We recognise that it is not always possible for students to participate in a course from Monday to Friday nor is it feasible to commit to a 1 or 2 week intensive, so all our summer intensive courses are organised upon demand. Courses can be arranged to start any day of the week and for any length of time. Focussing more on the needs of the participants rather than our schedules, we offer the greatest flexibility to all our students. We are able to arrange a course with a minimum number of participants at short notice and in any format; group course, semi-private or individual course.

One-to-One Intensive Courses in other languages

Group intensives are generally only available for English and French. However, we can arrange one-to-one intensive courses in other languages such as Greek and Russian during the summer period.

One-to-one intensives offer you complete flexibility in scheduling and frequency of lessons. This is ideal for busy professionals who cannot commit to a daily 3 hour course; but would still like to improve their second language skills.

One-to-one intensives can also be arranged at any time in July and August.

English and French always available.

Other languages upon request


1st July to 1st August

On demand in August

Fees for summer courses in a group

15 per hour minimum 3 participants

Fees for summer courses in semi-private format

20 per hour 2 participants

Fees for individual summer course

38 per hour


If you would like to arrange a course, please contact the school by e-mail or download the registration form. Return the form to the school and we will contact you to arrange a short oral test before we organise the groups.